How to Ride in a Taxi in Bangkok

When it is raining and in the rush hour and taxis are very scarce, coming and standing two paces in front of me after I have been waiting for twenty five minutes is going to cause an argument. Do you think I can’t see you? Do you?

Even though it might save you a few steps, try to avoid standing on the very corner of a busy soi to flag down the taxi and then in very leisurely fashion get in – by stopping there, the taxi is making a large number of other people wait and might provoke an accident. Despite the enormous effort involved, walk a few more steps away from the junction to avoid this problem.

At the end of the journey, you will be expected to pay some money. Plan ahead for this or else you might find the taxi inconveniencing other people by clogging up the traffic. The taxi driver will help you by turning on the meter so you can have a good idea how much you will have to pay at the end. It is not really necessary to wait until the taxi driver has stopped before starting to look for some money and then counting out the fare to the exact baht in 25 satang coins.

The taxi driver does not want to take eight teenage boys 200 metres down the road. Walk.

Whether getting in or getting out, hurry up.