Greatest Robberies in History

Discounting the stories about Saddam Hussein stealing US$1 bn (33 billion baht) from the Bank of Iraq, which I suspect to be untrue at least in part, the biggest robberies in history appear to be:
1. Boston Museum 1990 – approximately US$300 million (about 10 billion baht) worth of art work was apparently stolen.
2. Kent Securitas Depot 1996 – I remember this one – it was 53 million pounds or a little more by a group of desperadoes (about, what, 2.5 billion baht).

Why, what did you think I was going to talk about…?

Frightful Hobgoblins

There is a frightful hobgoblin stalking the sois and paddy fields of Thailand. Is it the hobgoblin of continued, intensified repression or will it be the hobgoblin of freedom? We will not know for certain tomorrow if it is the latter but we will be likely to be able to tell if it is the former.

Although I am told that the ‘guys upstairs’ (quite literally considering where I work most of the rime) will be working throughout the night seeking a peaceful or at least acceptable solution, the people I have spoken to generally seem to think that a certain General Secret Hand, facing death shortly, is ready to ignite the flames of violence once more in his often spoken desire to have, as his legacy, a boot stamping on the face of the people of Isan forever.

Alternatively: the hobgoblin might be the spirit of whoever it is that is represented by the black car I saw parked up along Ladprao on my way home tonight (not that far from the Chok Chai Si Police Station, in fact). It was decorated with three pictures (paintings I suppose) on the side I passed by: Bob Marley, Osama Bin Laden and a Swastika (I’m sure it wasn’t the reverse version that is a Buddhist symbol) – on the front wing was a plain red flag displayed like a diplomatic flag would be. What kind of person would decorate a car in this way? (I am not, by the way, making this up).