And what is Thaksin doing meanwhile?

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As protests against Thaksin’s proxy government in Thailand escalate, Thaksin himself is displaying calm confidence.

In a recent interview with he talked about how his visa being revoked in Britain affected him:

“Do you know how many countries there are in the world? There are 197. And only 17 have an extradition treaty with Thailand,” he notes with a thin smile. “Better still, only 10 of those treaties are active. So, don’t you worry about me, I still have many places to stay.”

So, while he might have “lost face” there for a moment, that’s pretty much the only triumph his enemies get out of this.

However, you can sense that it caused Thaksin some headaches:

“I think the UK is a mature democratic country, and they should understand that I am the victim of the coup d’etat,” he maintains. “I am the victim of dictatorship, even though there was a court verdict.

The fact the he announced his return to politics didn’t really come as a surprise. However, he also talks about some other goals he has:

Shinawatra reveals he intends to make a comeback in politics, tackle global poverty, reorganise the Middle East’s healthcare system – and while he’s at it, establish a sizeable foundation to look after Asians hit by the financial crisis.


Putting his political problems aside, Shinawatra is focused on tackling poverty in Asia. He speaks passionately about the plight of the poor, and details the measures he took during his reign in Thailand – and how they worked.

Then, he get’s questioned on whether he wants to introduce new healthcare methods in the United Arab Emirates to, and his answer is:

“I think if I can re-manage for the UAE government, I will do exactly the same. I will bring in the same experts who used to work with me. I will not just give treatment but also preventive measures – for example, there is a lot that can be done with nutrition and other advice on healthy living.”

Why he decided to return to politics, inspite of his previous announcements that he had left politics forever?

“I have no choice,” he insists. “In the beginning after I was ousted, my wife asked me not to go back to politics. She didn’t like politics, and the whole family went through a lot of hardship so I didn’t go back.

“But now I have been cornered because the country is going down deeply,” he continues. “The confidence is not there; the trust among the foreign community is not there; the poor people in rural areas are in difficulty.

With me at the helm I can bring confidence quickly back to Thailand, and that is why we have to find a mechanism under which I can go back into politics.”

What does Thaksin say about the general situation in Thailand currently (not particularly about the besieged airports & government house)?

“The coup is still there – it has been transformed from a military coup to a judicial coup,” he explains. “I think a lot depends on the power of the people – if they feel they are in hardship and they need me to help them, I will go back.

Now, PAD leaders regularly “accuse” Thaksin of his brilliant marketing to the rural poor that made him win the election.

I guess this interview will just be another prove of his “evil image campaigning”, this time directed at the international community. Obviously, the PAD does not resort to evil PR tactics and not “compromise on the truth”, because if you look around at what other nations, business leaders and NGOs think of the PADs current protests, you will have to look very hard and long to find even one that is not condemning them. And if you’re being condoned by basically everyone, that must be evidence that you are speaking the truth… right? left? up? down?

But then – as the ASTV station put it – the EU and the USA of course don’t count, because they “accepted Thaksin’s money”. The PAD leaders of course would *NEVER* accept Thaksin’s dirty money… never, ever. That’s why they are trying to freeze his assets… If they’d get a hold of his money, they’d probably give it to the rural poor, or maybe burn it, so nobody get’s infected by evil money…