Bangkok Prison Klong Prem & Failed Drug Policy

There are quite a few movies and books about the infamous Klong Prem prison in Bangkok. Now, there’s an article on the prison and Thailand’s failed drug policy in the Bangkok Post too, and it’s worth reading:

No fresh starts at ‘New Life Camp’
Drug offenders held at a special section of Klong Prem prison say they suffered abuse and overcrowding under the pretence of rehabilitation

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Drugs in Southern Provinces

seizures of illicit drugs in Yala, Pattani & Narathiwat

  • 2008: 5297
  • 2009: 5886
  • first quarter 2010: 2172

Of all the narcotics drugs seized, krathom has been identified as the most popular illicit drug among youth in the region followed up by methamphetamine which is also known as “ice”, “crystal meth” or “crystal”.  Narathiwat province has been fingered as the biggest transit point of methamphetamine.

Source: Drug abuses and trafficking in the far South