Smeliies Occupying Don Mueang

I went past Don Mueang airport on my way to where I am now and had chance to see the occupation at first hand – it was the first time I had seen the Smellies up close and it confirmed my impression that they are a self-important bunch of twerps. Why else would they think they are so much more important than ordinary people that they should be able to use the expressway for free and could keep honest people waiting to go about their business waiting behind them? It is the same for the poor bus passengers forced to get off the buses highjacked by armed PAD goons and left on the side of the road. Luckily police were able to reclaim one such bus – but only at the cost of shooting out its tyres. The others are still in use by the Smellies.

Possibly 20,000 people or a few more joined the PAD useful idiots protest at Don Mueang and some other sites, far below the number of pro-democracy supporters who turned out the other week and it does appear as if the popularity of the anti-democracy movement is finally waning – Chief Smellies had to bus in thousands of presumably Democrat supporters from the South just to reach this number. PM Somchai Wongsawat is, it is being reported, relying on the good sense of the great majority of Thai people who wish to see democracy triumphant in the country. PAD smellies will try to occupy Don Mueang and possibly the Supreme Command HQ if the Cabinet decides to meet there but its apocalyptic government must resign today rhetoric has been exposed as empty posturing. There is still, of course, the danger that PAD goons will take one final chance to unleash another wave of violence on the city but, so far, nothing they have done has roused military leaders to bring the tanks back on to the streets again (Bangkok Pundit ( comments that many PAD useful idiots may not be aware of the extent to which armed thugs conduct business on their behalf)


Perhaps this might be seen, not as the end or the beginning of the end but at least the end of the beginning.