Thailand Used Clusterbombs (Illegally) When Fighting Cambodia?

War is never nice, but cluster bombs are particularly nasty. And in fact, many countries (although not including Thailand) have made a pact that they won’t use cluster bombs anymore.

Yet, apparently they did just that in the recent conflict with Cambodia.

Read more about it here: Thailand fires cluster bombs into Cambodia (by Patrick Winn for Global Post)

In the meantime, the Thai government and army of course denies that is has used cluster bombs. Although, not really. The Thai army seems to have a different definition of cluster bombs than… well, anyone else. The bombs they have used are cluster bombs, according to the understanding of other nations and NGOs. However, according to the Thai army and government, they are similar to cluster bombs, but not quite really cluster bombs.

What’s so nasty about cluster bombs? They often lie around dormant for years until some kid or some farmer stumbles across them a couple of days, weeks, months or even years after the original conflict. And then they kill or main innocent people. The bombs that the Thai army used do just that same thing. But apparently, they are not cluster bombs because, they differ from cluster bombs… um… in exactly which way do they differ from cluster bombs please, Mr. Sihasak Phuangketkeow, Thai ambassador to the UN in Geneva?