Woman Believes Kidney Has Been Stolen and Other Stuff

A woman has complained to police that one of her kidneys has been stolen. The woman, a factory worker from Samut Prakan, has spent some time feeling unwell and fainting and now suspects one of her kidneys was stolen during an operation to remove an ovarian cyst some time ago (not sure whether she might have noticed a rather larger scar than anticipated?). Police report that forced removal of a kidney would count as robbery and leave the perpetrator subject to a prison term of up to three years and a fine of 6,000 baht (approximately US$180).

Meanwhile the SET index fell more than 3% yesterday in line with losses across the region. It is down more than 11 points again this morning. Oil executives (some hiding behind anonymity) have criticized the government’s stimulus package – so Khun Samak must have done something right. One observed that the tax cuts were aimed at pleasing some people with ‘your’ tax money – well, Khun Oil Executive, that’s what the tax and democracy systems are all about. Political parties outline their policies and people vote for them if they agree with those policies and then the parties either follow through on the policies or get voted out. The exception is the Democrats of course, who refuse to outline any policies and stand on the platform ‘vote for us we are not the other lot.’ Bizarrely, the leader of the Democrat Party, workshy quisling Abhisit Vejjajiva, is not being challenged as leader of that once-proud party which, under his disgraceful leadership, is now little more than a band of unprincipled scoundrels. Have they really got no one better than this over-privileged, integrity-challenged prat? Amazing Thailand, indeed.

Meanwhile, the President of the Thai Condominium Association, Atip Bijanonda, has weighed in to the debate: “He said the stimulus plan would focus only on low-income earners but it could not boost the economy directly as this segment has limited purchasing power.” In reality, the opposite is true: since the people are poor, any extra income they obtain they have to spend immediately since they are in need of so many goods and services (education, clothes, medicine etc). The evidence from the USA is clear and obvious: Bush’s recent tax cut for the better off had no beneficial impact on the economy because most of the people just saved the money.