Abhisit Offers Yet More Money for the Military – Who Votes for This? Eh? Oh

One of the reasons why the Abhisit regime is so keen to apply the repressive ISA measures as long as possible (perhaps paving the way for the declaration of a permanent state of emergency and the suspension of what little remains of free speech and parliamentary democracy) is because it is a good pretext to buy the loyalty of the army – the military are on triple pay while it lasts.

Just to make sure everyone knows what is going on, it was announced today that the Abhisit regime is openly giving the military yet more money to buy more ‘necessary’ equipment in the wake of the scandals following the procurement policies involving the GT200 metal stick ‘bomb detectors’ and the non-flying airship thing which is supposed to be keeping watch over the southern border region and certainly would not present a very tempting and easy to hit target if it ever did start to fly.

The ‘necessary’ equipment, apparently, includes:

“The source said the weapons procurement plans proposed by the armed forces would be worth an estimated 400 billion baht.

The source said the navy would try again to seek authorisation to buy two second-hand submarines at a cost of more than 20 billion baht.

The navy has set up a committee to conduct a feasibility study on the submarine purchase project. It also wants to buy a new fleet of frigates to replace old ones which have been in use for 15 to 20 years.

The source said the army would seek cabinet approval to procure a new fleet of tanks which would be part of a plan to establish the new 3rd Cavalry Division in Khon Kaen.

About 70 billion baht would be required to buy the tanks.”

Readers may recall that the plan to put tanks on the streets of Isan represents Privy Councillor Prem Tinsulanonda’s desire to stamp on the face of the poor forever. Alas, our time to enjoy the presence of this person may be limited – how will we suppress our grief?

OK, I’ve rewritten this to take out some of the better jokes, just in case.

Vampires Don’t Need No Stinking Evidence

I don’t suppose the people involved will thank me for saying so but since the print demise of the old Night Owl, the Database section in the Bangkok Post has become the sharpest and most accurate part of that newspaper. Today’s edition (it is in the printed section Wednesday – not sure when it was first on the website) has a very sensible approach to the ‘evidence’ of the eight wolves and one lamb the other day:

“If you can’t say nee sua paa jorake, put it this way: Out of the frying pan into the fire; telecoms firms apart from the state duopoly definitely thought of fleeing the tiger only to meet the crocodile in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Thaksin assets; the Court’s finding that Shin Corp of Shingapore (and previously Thailand) profited from cabinet decisions during the Thaksin years appeared to have emboldened the government into claiming that your ToT and your CAT Telecom “lost” billions, and a total rewrite of concession and other agreements could be in the offing; that would only take Thai telecoms back into the 20th century, result in high new charges for consumers and make 3G mobile phone service a fantasy instead of a dream; legally, of course, putting a phone in the hands of every Thai has theoretically cost the state-owned firms a lot – except that the state-owned firms were (and are) incapable of meeting the needs of the country at any price; every other telecom firm has certainly profited in the past two decades, but then so have consumers; a return to strict regulations would mean a return to the days when it was illegal to own a modem or a Telex machine, and the only legal way to communicate was to rent equipment from the state.”

I am reminded by the period after 9/19 when pathetic little Surayud was posing as Prime Minister and made some particularly stupid announcements (presumably made by the higher order vampires) that caused the market to crash and then had to come before the world in his too big uniform (he is only 18 inches high) with his dirty little face all scrunched up and say ‘sorry, we don’t understand emoconomicals and please don’t crash our stock market.’

 Vampires cannot run modern economies properly. It’s time to move on.

Blood Offered to the Vampires

Pro-democracy supporters are on their way to the residence of the enormously privileged quisling Abhisit Vejjajiva (who has run away in a typical show of fortitude and integrity) and will pour out some ten gallons of the blood of the people, symbolizing the vampiric nature of aristocratic rule in Thailand, which Abhisit so perfectly embodies.

Whether this will achieve anything beyond making the front pages of newspapers around the world remains to be seen – if there is a Phase 2 or a Plan B, it may be time to start thinking about implementing it.