Setback for BMA in War against the Poor and Ugly

A setback for the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority and its plan to recreate Bangkok as a picturesque, working class-free zone as residents of Ratchaburi have told them where to place the 10,000 pigeons they were planning to ship out from the city. Local residents were concerned about what the pigeons would eat, the spread of avian flu and what Khun Somchai Obviouslymadeupname said about ‘nasty city ways’ and ‘unwanted urchins.’

Look up, Look up and Lift Your Skinny Fists to Heaven

Since it is very easy and indeed tempting to become miserable about the political situation and the victory of the terrorists, it is time to look up, look up and raise your skinny fists to the skies.

In particular, let us consider the birds in the air, which neither spin nor do any other kind of productive work and yet etc and so on. As I mentioned yesterday, I have been looking at the birds here in Thailand because of a growing interest and as a reminder of the good things about living in the country.

Today, in particular, I wondered about the birds which now hang around on the top of my bedroom and study windows. These are different from the very common rock pigeons (Columbia livia) which are all over the place – and across Europe as well. Those are the grey birds with the greenish neck feathers. The ones on the roof (well, there are also some very small birds which I will discuss another time) have orange beaks and brown heads with white parts on the back of the tail, so far as I can tell. Consulting my shiny new book, it looks like these could be versions of the Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis) or possibly the Asian Pied Starling (Sturnus contra). I think it is the first one – more breaking bird news soon.