Enter Sereepisut, Pursued by (or Pursuing) …

I know that stories beginning ‘Is it just me or …’ cry out for the answer ‘It’s just you, you clown’ but …

Is it just me or does this story represent one of the more important things that should be changed about Thailand? It is in the Bangkok Post and entitled ‘Sereepisut to Enter Politics’:

‘Pol Gen Sereepisut Taemeeyaves announced on Wednesday his intention to enter politics.

The former national police chief said it was now time for him to enter politics. He believed that with his experience gained during 40 years in government service he would be able to work for the country in the political arena.

Pol Gen Sereepisut, however, said he was still undecided which party to join although he had been approached by many parties including New Politics of Sondhi Limthongkul.

He said he was interested in running for a House seat representing Bangkok where he was popular among the people who admired him for his honesty.

He said he would open a website to communicate with the people.’

That will be: ‘… undecided which party to join …’

It is traditional in Japan (a tradition perhaps more honoured in the breach than the observance) for long-term career civil servants to retire and then take up positions with private sector firms with which they had established relationships over the years (the practice is known as ‘descending from the mountains’ – I will spare you the transliteration). In Thailand, after a career of public service and well-attested ‘honesty,’ civil servants enter politics to get the rewards they deserve for such self-sacrifice ….  Or is this just a single case, an anecdote, the exception that tests the norm?