There Will Be Blood

What can honest people do to bring down a thoroughly corrupt, military and aristocracy-backed regime? If they had no interest in the country and its people, they could follow the fascist PAD route of violence and violent occupation of the international airports, government house and other public agencies which were looted and rubbished by the celebrity-sponsored right-wing thugs and their goons in the military.

Prem’s mouthpiece has of course refused to end his regime and call for elections as he was instructed to do (and also because, as one of Thailand’s biggest turkeys, his incredibly privileged and expensive education has taught him not to opt for an election in which the hatred of the people for Abhisit’s contempt for the poor would be so clearly demonstrated).

I’m not convinced that the drawing of a million litres of blood is really such a good idea. Then again, no doubt people like me said the same thing about Gandhi’s approach.