Optimistic? Try the Best You Can

PM Samak Sundaravej has seen off the latest no confidence debate nonsense from the Democrats and strong support from coalition members demonstrated the continuing viability of the democratically elected government. Democrat and anti-democracy mob PAD attempts to stir up nationalist sentiment (with the threat of violence) in the case of the Preah Vihear temple have so far failed as the Cambodian government is maintaining a cool stance (there is more background here and, indeed, all over the web now). The junta-appointed Asset Scrutiny Committee is being wrapped up today – in what certainly seems to be failure as they have achieved nothing of any note. Despite smug claims from Chair Nim Yimyaem that the Committee should receive ‘8 out of 10,’ it is clear that the charge laid by the junta on the committee to legitimise the military coup by finding meaningful evidence against the democratically-elected Thai Rak Thai administration led by Thaksin Shinawatra. The committee has lodged four more nuisance cases but these are fluff and will obviously disappear.

Perhaps there is a measure of resurgent confidence in the meeting of PM Samak and Khun Thaksin in public at a wedding over the weekend. The former PM did observe last week that there will be a change in the stars about now and that things will improve thereafter.

Presumably the anti-democracy mob will continue with its demonstrations but for how much longer without escalating their protests into violence? Some (transparently false) stories continue to appear in the papers juxtaposing the supposedly peaceful PAD people with ‘sinister young men’ who are government supporters but people surely can see through this by now? The courts of course – well, let us say that there is an opportunity for reform there, as there is now with the Upper House. But let us be optimistic for a moment at the beginning of another week.