Adorno-a-day:* “There is to be found in African students of political economy, Siamese at Oxford, and more generally in diligent art-historians and musicologists of petty-bourgeois origins, a ready inclination to combine with the assimilation of new material, an inordinate respect for all that is established, accepted, acknowledged.” I wonder whether this might explain something about a certain super-privileged, integrity-challenged military-installed meat puppet? This is from: Adorno, Theodor, Minima Moralia: Reflections on a Damaged Life (London and New York: Verso, 2005), translated by E.F.N. Jephcott. Quote a day? Blimey, I’m turning into Burin Kantabutra, God forbid.** ** There is no God. Sorry to be the one to have to tell you.

Treated Like Mushrooms

Here is the Thai way of doing things: step 1, denounce the actions of previous political leader as corrupt, immoral, demonic etc. Step 2. Cancel contracts legally entered into by previous regimes on the basis that they are corrupt, immoral etc. Step 3. Pretend that there is no need to compensate contract partners who have been cheated out of their money. Step 4: After a few weeks when things have died down a bit, bring back the original scheme in as close to an exact replication as possible except that, this time, it is honest and good-intentioned and everybody will be happy. And so to the meat puppet’s new scheme to run an alternative online government lottery … I wonder whether they (the establishment) really think we will not notice this or whether they really do have such contempt for the people they just don’t care.