Even the Pretence of Justice Is Being Set Aside

Even the pretence of justice is being set aside. According to the Bangkok Post:

“Attorney-general Chulasingh Vasantasing said on Wednesday he will immediately ask the Supreme Court to issue an order seizing 46.37 billion baht of Thaksin Shinawatra’s assets, as set out in Friday’s verdict, even though the ousted prime minister’s lawyers say they will provide fresh evidence justifying a new trial within the requisite 30 days.

Mr Chulasingh said he personally believed Thaksin would not have any new evidence which could lead the court to change its verdict.

All parties had already revealed all they had to the court during the trial.”

Perhaps Khun Chulasingh should just declare the appeals system outlawed altogether – or at least for people who are considered to be challenging the status quo. Or perhaps we should just let the high officials of the land decide the cases depending on their great wisdom and learning. Rule of evidence? No need. Rule of law? Last seen in this country around 2006, September 19th. Rule of justice? Justice? This is Thailand.