Glorious Victory at Thaicom

What an extraordinary victory for people power! After dirty little Abhisit banned People TV from broadcasting (of course, he does not give the orders – he is, after all, banned from foreign travel by the Secret Hand). (It’s Prem who is the Secret Hand – we can say this now). Now, after thousands of red-shirted pro-democracy gathered at the Thaicom Satellite Station at Pathum Thani, were resisted by 2,000 soldiers (numbers vary according to who is talking) and water cannon and tear gas attacks were used by the state forces. After a brief retreat, the brief demonstrators pushed the jack boots out of the way – some, of course, recognise the justice of the pro-democracy demands (or at least are sympathetic for various human reasons) and now, apparently, People TV is back on the air.

A glorious victory for the masses. Non-violent resistance to the illegitimate state proves successful.

No doubt it will all go wrong overnight or in the next couple of days but even so.