Black Magic Woman

Fiendish Khmer wizards have been meeting at Preah Vihear during the solar eclipse to cast black magic spells at the poor Thai people – well, of course the Khmers have a reputation for doing that – monks too. Fortunately, the good citizens of Si Sa Ket are ready to protect us all by donning yellow to resist the vile magic.

The wife of Cambodian PM Hun Sen, M. Bun Rany has been identified as the leader of this occult war and has ‘called upon ancestral spirits’ in a new supernatural offensive. It is not reported whether the spirits replied or what, if anything, they thought about all of this.

Here is what the Bangkok Post has to say about the event: “Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s wife Bun Rany yesterday hosted a huge ritual at the Preah Vihear temple to bless the country with good luck and to give it power against the backdrop of a dispute with Thailand over the area surrounding the temple.

The ceremony, chosen to coincide with a solar eclipse yesterday, was attended by about 1,000 people, including high-ranking officials, priests and experts in rituals. The ritual started at 9.30am.”

This is all going to end badly, isn’t it? The blood will be on the hands of ringleaders of the anti-democracy movement who have deliberately stirred up nationalist sentiment for their own grubby purposes. Shame on them and the useful idiots who protest with them.

Inflation rose to 9.2% in July, the highest rate for ten years. High oil prices are identified as the principal cause, although the annual rate remains apparently at the projected rate of 6.6%. Things do not seem likely to get better for the foreseeable future, either on the economic or political fronts.