PAD Thugs Charged with Terrorism

Although it seems very unlikely that anything lasting will ever come of it, given the one-sided way justice works in Thailand since the Silent Coup, it will be gratifying to see the principal PAD thugs trooping in front of the police and charged with terrorism and other offences.

One of those charged is flap-mouthed buffoon Kasit Piromya, who was given the job of Foreign Secretary as part of the shabby, secret deal between the military, the PAD and integrity-challenged Abhisit Vejjajiva’s Democrats. Kasit has subsequently distinguished himself with a series of idiotic and often slanderous claims, wholly undermining whatever is left of the Kingdom’s reputation. Typically, he has subsequently announced that he both will and will not resign.

Unfortunately, all the major charges will almost certainly be dropped because, although the PAD seems to have lost the support of their principal celebrity supporter, enough of the Secret Hand will protect them from the consequences of their actions. Nine of the leading thugs were once rightly charged with treason but that charge was swiftly dropped after a few words were passed into a few ears, so it is widely thought.

Thailand has a long and ignoble tradition of allowing murderers and other criminals get away with their actions when they are protected by members of the elite. Within only the last couple of years, a number of conspiracies to murder and kidnap and other crimes have been quietly dropped. There has never been any serious attempt, it appears, to find those people who murdered three people on the New Year’s Eve bombings a couple of years ago which were exploded with military precision, so it is widely thought. A couple of week ago, there was a big story about the suspected human remains crammed into containers off the coast and then everything suddenly went quiet, almost as if the media were told to stop reporting, so it is widely thought. Perhaps on due course there will be a new story in which the containers are completely empty or filled with non-illegal items.