Old Etonians

It costs around 30,000 pounds (or 1.5 million baht) per year in school fees at Eton, apparently – so what does a parent get for that money (assuming that parent is a part of a sufficiently privileged elite as to be able to get the son on the waiting list at all)? Writing in The Guardian today (nominally about David Cameron, leader of the right wing opposition Conservative party), Michael White wrote:

“…the apparently effortless superiority which Eton instils in so many of its sons. That’s what folk pay £30,000 a year for.”


“Such people [i.e. old Etonians] … are marked by a strong sense of entitlement … dangerously inflated by a degree of inexperience the previous generations did not suffer. The Etonian officer class at least knew a lot about the men they led.”

Of course, there are differences between Cameron and Thai PM Abhisit – perhaps the most famous Thai Etonian of the day – Cameron is a lot smarter, for a start (anyone who has seen Abhisit speak live will know that he can read the words well but has very little idea what he is saying or what it means). The rest rings fairly true, though, of a man out of his depth whose entitlement and ego blind him to that fact.