Drug Busts in Bangkok (September)

The Bangkok police announced what its anti-narcotics operations achieved between August 30-September 12.

  • 277 drug addicts were admitted to the rehabilitation program.
  • Nearly 4,000 suspects were arrested on drug-related charges.
  • The number included 2 major narcotics producers and over 300 dealers.
  • Nearly 700 suspects were arrested for illegal possession of drugs and nearly 3,000 users were arrested.
  • Nearly 30,000 methamphetamine pills, 11 kilogram of powdered methamphetamine, nearly three kilograms of crystalized methamphetamine and 43 kilograms of cannabis were confiscated.

For a more complete showcase check out this TAN Network article.

Also, it’s worth to remember what drug rehab and drug detention centers in Thailand are like.

Drug Detention Centers in SEA

There’s an interesting 25 minute documentary on drug detention centers (army rehab bootcamps) in Thailand and neighbouring countries. It’s mainly criticizing the lack of effectiveness and lack of skilled staff. However, contrary to some other reports, this Al Jazeera documentary also points out that the inmates are treated good, no abuses, the centers are clean.

You can watch the documentary here: Asia’s speed trap