Armed Right Wing Thugs, Traitors and Tank Liberals Aim to Bring Down Democratic System

Armed right wing thugs continue to occupy the seat of government. One court issued arrest warrants against the leaders of the thugs for treason (they call themselves PAD and are an anti-democracy movement). The leaders, who were very vocal about their loyalty to the law, how other people escaped punishment etc, suddenly changed their tune and began skulking like the shameless cowards they are behind human shields – the ‘useful idiots’ who are happy to eat someone else’s food to be part of a protest.

The police moved in to disperse the illegal mob action and then the action becomes confused – well, perhaps it is just the inadequate Thai press who cannot or will not tell the real story. There were reports issued by the armed right wing thugs, brandishing expensive golf clubs, of ‘police brutality’ which seem underwhelming – but sufficient for another court (and we have seen what has happened in the courts recently) to rescind the arrest warrants and allow the mob to continue its illegal and dangerous occupation of the government.

Then there was the use of tear gas – the right wing thugs blamed the police for using tear gas and the police have strongly denied using it. There is talk of a ‘third hand’ which may or may not have used the gas. It is not clear. We can have a pretty good guess of what is going on but you would never know that from the rabidly anti-government press.

What is perhaps most depressing about the whole thing is the betrayal of democratic principles by people who should know better. It is not surprising that criminal mob leaders can shark up a group of armed thugs – such things could happen everywhere. It is not surprising that the disgraced quisling leader of the opposition should support the mob – we all know what kind of a person Abhisit Vejjajiva is and how totally unfit he would be for any kind of public office. It is not surprising that the group of junta cronies stuffed into the senate come out to support the mob – that is what the junta told them to do and why they receive their many allowances.

But when academics support armed thugs trying to bring down the government, that is a betrayal. And worst of all, when labour leaders order strikes to support right wing thugs, that is the most horrible betrayal of all. So many labour and union leaders have been murdered by the right wing thugs over the years, so many have been tortured and beaten, so many have lost their lives in wholly avoidable industrial ‘accidents’ covered up by the right wing mob that it beggars belief that today’s leaders would support the thugs. Few people come out of this well.