Class Traitor Somsak to be Sonthi’s Nominee

The ultra-rightist anti-democracy PAD mob has established a political party, to be known as New Politics. The new party is to be led (temporarily at least) by the class traitor Somsak Kosaisuk, who was the leader of the union of the State Railway of Thailand – he threatened to call a national strike in support of the anti-democracy movement but was of course ignored by the working classes of Thailand.

The criminal Somsak was one of the chief plotters behind the PAD’s illegal and violence-sodden occupation of Government House and the two international airports and it is to the great surprise of the majority of the people why he is not now serving the lengthy prison sentence his crimes would seem to demand. Still, he continues to walk the streets along with the other plotters. It is expected the convicted criminal Sonthi Limthongkul will take over leadership as and when the numerous criminal charges facing him somehow ‘melt away.’ Somsak is a puppet or nominee of Sonthi, therefore – making him rather a hypocrite after he criticized democratically-elected PMs Samak Sundaravej and Somchai Wongsawat as being ‘nominees’ (both were removed from office after unorthodox court decisions).

Like other charlatans, the New Political Party talks up its anti-corruption credentials and promises to have only virtuous people to represent the people – it has not been made clear what defines this virtue but it is likely to include ultra-rightist nationalism, xenophobia, hypocrisy and willingness to use violence against the public and the police, which has been the main platform of the PAD.

It is not clear who would vote for these people – although popular among a few thousand Bangkok elites, the ultra-right is well catered for in Thai politics and it would seem most likely to be competing with the Democrats. Then, this is Thailand and who can say what motivates some people?

Damage Caused by Right-Wing PAD Mob Will Take Years Just to Measure

The damage done to Thailand by the actions of the anti-democracy mob will probably take many years to measure and years more from which to recover – and that is not to mention the deaths and injuries the mob has directly caused already (and the many more likely to come, alas).

There is also the economic cost: more than 1.5 trillion baht has been wiped off the share prices on the index of Stock Exchange of Thailand alone. Foreign investors have been postponing decisions and actively moving away from Thailand. The tourism industry is suffering considerably with foreign arrivals down 30% on normal, attributed to the actions of the armed, right-wing PAD mob holding the country to ransom.

The normal business of government has been delayed and disrupted – running a modern, complex country is a difficult and time-consuming business and requires the best minds in government devoted to it – this was the reason the junta gave up military rule in 2007, not because of any desire for a return to democracy or any pretence at ‘reform’ but because even the jackboots realized they were simply not up to the job any more. Military juntas could get away with years of kleptocratic misrule in the 50s, 60s and even the 70s and beyond – but not today.

Perhaps the worst damage has been to the reputation of Thailand and the Thai people. Few people outside the country can imagine why the Thai people, so many of whom were killed in the desperate fight for democracy and freedom, seem to be happy to see democracy sacrificed for the sake of the vanity of criminals like super-rich media magnate Sondhi Limthongkul, a coterie of dangerous military types and a few thousand ‘useful idiots.’