Tracking down the people who are responsible for the bombs in Bangkok

After the grenade attack on Friday night (around 11:30 pm) at Pratunam near the Rajprasong intersection (nobody got hurt).

According to the DSI the people who plan and finance the attacks are using new methods so that they can’t be tracked down. In particular, they now use couriers who enter the Thailand from other nations who carry money that is used to pay the people who do the bombings. This is done so that cash withdrawals or wire transactions do not reveal clues about who might be financing it. However, it is not clear how they obtained that information.

DSI director-general Tharit Phengdit also claims that the people behind these bomb attacks are the infamous “men in black” who were blamed by the government to be responsible for a lot of the violence during the April/May 2010 protests.

“They have now gone underground after they are no longer accepted as being part of the [red shirts’] political movement,” he said.

However, again, no evidence or explanation has been given how they have reached at that conclusion.

Source: Police investigate grenades in Pratunam

Bombs Greet Southern Photo-Op

During the 1970s in particular, the threat of Communist and other insurgents hoping to attack government representatives meant that they were pretty much confined to Bangkok, unless they were prepared to accept the ignominy of huge security presences. Today, the in no way self-satisfied military-installed PM Abhisit Vejjajiva is in the southern border region where at least two bombs have gone off, causing death and injuries.

This follows attacks or demonstrations met with state-sanctioned violence against the current unelected government all over the Kingdom.

Fighters Not Lovers

Seh Daeng, the renowned army specialist Maj-Gen Khattiya Sawasdipol, is described as ‘hopping mad’ that the supreme leader General Anupong Paojinda has given him a new assignment – Seh Daeng (I’m a fighter not a lover) is to lead the nation in aerobics dancing. He will be posted to various shopping centres and supermarket car parks to help middle-aged women shape up by prancing about to 80s power ballads. “I have invented one dance,’ he is reported to have said, ‘which is the throwing a hand grenade dance.”

The Major-General, an opponent of the right-wing anti-democracy PAD (his nickname means ‘red’), was believed to be referring to incidents such as the October 7th confrontation, in which smoke grenades were used when PAD thugs refused police orders to disperse from an illegal occupation of Government House and two PAD thugs blew themselves up with their own bombs/were uniquely unlucky in being killed by smoke grenades, one of which must have been thrown several kilometres and magically entered the car in which one thug expired in a blast outside a police station.

The PAD mob has been quite quiet recently – research shows the Thai people decisively reject them and their goals (I may have included the links previously, if not I will look them up again some time). Now they are talking up new threats of chaotic disorder and violence. There is talk (largely fanciful I would have thought but then what do I know) of bringing in 100,000 people from the South – the South has long been a bedrock of support for the Democrat Party and, under the disgraceful leadership of workshy quisling Abhisit Vejjajiva it is almost impossible to tell where the PAD stops and Democrats begin. This could lead to confrontations with pro-democracy supporters, who a few weeks ago held an entirely peaceful demonstration featuring up to ten times the amount of useful idiots that PAD thugs can these days put in the streets.  

Job losses are starting to mount – I fear that that the unemployed (the crisis will start to bite by the end of the year, I would have thought) will be dragged into street protests.

New Cabinet Line Up; Bombs; Doing the Timewarp (Again)

The new cabinet has been announced and received its royal endorsement. Perhaps the most noteworthy change has been the demotion of former Interior Minister Chalerm Yubamruang and his replacement by a copper, Pol. Gen. Kowit Wattana, who also becomes one of the (far too) many deputy prime ministers. Mingkwan Saengsuwan has moved from Commerce to Industry, although Finance Minister Surapong Suewonglee has kept his job. Chaiya Somsab, who was forced to resign in one of the court attacks, has returned as Commerce Minister. There are various other changes but do not seem to be any more women and diversity is noticeable by its absence. Such is life.

Seven bombs exploded in Songkhla last night, fortunately wounding only two people. However, a man described as a ‘Muslim teacher’ was shot dead in Yala, On Thursday, a bomb explosion injured 17 people and closed circuit TV has apparently helped identify some suspects. Two soldiers were wounded on Tuesday by a remote controlled bomb, also in Yala. In other criminal news: anti-democracy activists are holding another mob demonstration in Central Bangkok, disgracefully trying to attach their names to those who died actually protesting for democracy. Some are determined criminals intent on bringing down democracy in Thailand altogether and others are just useful idiots.

Ten debutantes have been unveiled as the newest entrants to Thailnd’s high society. The young women, sorry ladies, are apparently ““instilled with good education, good manners and special skills that are good ideals for the new generation.” Let’s go back to the 1950s, when paramilitaries patrolled the streets, the courts threw people into prison without evidence or after show trials, war was threatened with neighbours on the flimsiest of pretexts and all was well with the world. Eh? Oh.