Bangkok Sinking 3 Centimeters (1.2 Inches) Every Year

Every year there is at least one piece in the news about how many centimeters Bangkok is sinking every year. Currently the number is three centimeters. Every year scientists urgently point out how important it is to do something now.

Scientist Art-Ong Jumsai, former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and currently Director of the Institute for Sathya Sai Education, has been warning successive Thai governments about the problem for years. But he says his dire predictions have fallen on deaf ears.

New buildings aren’t in as much danger as the older ones, because their foundations reach deep into the ground, but…

“The ancient buildings are in greater danger because they don’t have the foundations,” Jumsai explains. “Many temples are having problems because the water has come up and is encroaching on them. In Ban Khun Tian which is a part of Bangkok one temple is in the middle of the sea with the water level right up. So they have already lost the lower level of the temple itself.”

Now scientists are urging the government to take action, but there are different opinions how to actually protect Bangkok effectively. In the meantime, more shopping malls and skyscrapers keep popping everywhere in Bangkok.