How Relevant is Abhisit to Decision-Making?

There seems to be little doubt that the Thai military has been deliberately and systematically sending refugees out in boats with insufficient food and drink and power and that many have died as a result. It has been clear for some years (at least) that the military believes itself to be wholly unconcerned with the law or with obligations to the government – the refusal of army chief General Anupong to obey orders issued by the democratically-elected PM and the organization of the Judicial Coup and insertion of the PADemocrat government are evidence of this, if further evidence is needed.

Since the military appears to decide in conjunction with various invisible hands who is to run the country and into whose pockets money will flow, one must wonder how relevant or important the Prime Minister Abhisit really is. Despite receiving inordinate media praise and having been exonerated on draft dodging charges on the grounds of …. er … convenience, it increasingly appears that Abhisit is scarcely consulted on important issues. Was he consulted when the deal with the PAD was concluded to end the illegal airport seizure, in partial return for which the PAD was given the Foreign Ministry and the pro-coup elements the Defence Ministry? Does he really think bringing back the Land Reform Project which finally got rid of the disgraced Chuan Leekphai administration was a good idea or has he simply been instructed to do so? Are there other policies we should look upon in the same way?

In a genuinely democratic country, parties are elected on the basis of the policies and ideology that they espouse. Consequently, the nature of individuals representing the government does not matter so much as long as they are properly bringing about policies in accordance with the ideology proclaimed. The problem in this case, of course, is not just that the people have repeatedly rejected the Democrat ideology but that policies seem to be originating from people who have not stood for election for many years or, in some cases, ever.