When Will Thai Fruits Go Extinct?

Because farmers in Thailand more and more focus on “money crops” and mono-farming is gaining in popularity, many of Thailands native fruits and vegetables are getting extinct.

Currently some fruits that are difficult to find like “mapood”, “madun”, “srilaman”, short haired rambutans and some kinds of mangosteen, also vegetables like “chamouang” are in danger of becoming extinct.

An official from the Thai Department of Agriculture said that many of these plants have medicinal properties.

To counteract this trend the Department of Agriculture is developing 20 frields across the country where they cultivate these rare plants.

The largest “herb bank” is in Chumphon, another one in Chanthaburi and another in in Chiang Rai.

Muay Thai @ Olympic Games 2016?

Muay Thai could become an olympic sport in 2016. Now that would be one more reason to really pay attention to the Olympics 🙂

There’s currently a big campaign being launched – part of the campaign is a daily fight taking place will be broadcasted on the Thai TV Global Network (TGN).

The World Muaythai Council (WMC) is lobbying for Thai boxing at the IOC (International Olympic Committee).