Ladprao Is a Sea of Red

by JW on March 20, 2010

Ladprao Road has been a sea of red today as thousands of Bangkok residents turned out to cheer on the red-shirted pro-democracy activists this lunchtime.

The first outriders began to appear just after 11 this morning, forming a position at the red light at Soi 64 (I took these first two photos from the bridge that crosses the road there).


 Red-shirted guards ensured that traffic continued to flow as normally as possible.


 More demonstrators joined from every soi – this was a real demonstration that the hunger for democracy and justice unites all the people of Thailand, young and old and wherever they live.

Crowds stood to cheer and wave banners as the caravan moved past. At Imperial World, thousands more waited to join and jobs were abandoned as people flocked to join the celebration of people power.


Bus drivers flew red from their buses and conductors waved red flags from the windows. People danced, cheered and sang. The mood was one of joyous celebration.


 Well-marked guards kept an eye out for PAD goons or other hired thugs – I saw only one man in a yellow shirt riding his bicycle aggressively along the pavement but people ignored him.


 Whether it will all make any difference in the struggle against tyranny remains to be seen but today it was clear that the people of Thailand are speaking and they want justice, freedom and democracy.


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