From Big Asian Cup to Little Asian Cup

The weekend saw the end of Muang Thong Exhibition Centres/Kirins from Asian Big Cup after they were beaten on penalties in Singapore by the Armed Forces (described, in a slightly bitter story which is the newspaper downstairs but I cannot find online as ‘a failing club with zero support’ IIRC) in a one-off game – this is unfortunate, since the Muang Thongoes slogged their way to the championship, won away handily in Vietnam and then had to fly in and play on an artificial surface and now are out. Well, now they are, like the Scouser Liverpoolers, entered into Little Asian Cup and profess themselves pleased (not sure who actually said she/he was pleased but it probably does not matter) with their draw, which pits them against South China of Hong Kong (as I recall, this was the team whose defeat heralded the famous Gazza Dentist’s Chair celebration some years ago – those were the days, now he seems to be a sad, trouble-making drunk constantly attracting the attentions of the police) … What was I saying? Oh yes, the other two teams in the group are V.B. of the Maldives (must be rubbish – any team named after a rubbish Australian beer must be suspect) and Persiwa Wamena of Indonesia (never heard of them and Indonesian football does not have much of a reputation). The E.C.s should be able to finish in the top two of this group and, therefore, qualify for the exciting next stage.

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