Army Declares War on Hell

More evidence of the clear, rational and forward-thinking of our beloved military: exorcisms of evil spirits are to be held at two locations to rid the Kingdom of bad luck:

“[Fortune teller] Mr Niphon [Rohitsathian] said when the prison was removed to make way for a 20-storey apartment block for senior officials, it would destroy a gate between hell and the real world. That would allow the spirits to cause more turmoil for the country, including more coups. Mr Niphon said he disagreed with tomorrow’s ceremony and suggested the army preserve the perspective and architecture of the old prison and turn it into a museum.”

Repressive state apparatus and ideological apparatus combine in a perfect example of how the deliberate weakening of the education system enables the rich and powerful to hang on to their perks.

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JW has been one of the first contributors to this blog before he gave up on it all in April 2010, during a time when Thai society got more and more polarized about political matters because of red-shirt protesters.

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