Thailand 0 Jordan 0

It was no surprise – the Thai team has been firing blanks for a while, partly because of the injuries to strikers and more particularly because of a lack of guile or, under Bryan ‘Robbo’ Robson, any particularly convincing plan to score a goal. The Jordan team was not very good but well enough organised as the back and sufficiently likely to score a breakaway goal to prevent much pressure being built on their defence.

It also rained quite fiercely before the kick off- rain in European countries livens up the grass and provides a bit of an advantage for teams who can pass it well; rain in Thailand tends to turn the pitch into a muddy obstacle course that saps strength and accuracy and reduces the role of skill.

So, now it will be a case of having to get a result in Tehran in order to qualify for the 2011 Asian Cup and, if the Iranians (and their fierce crowd) perform to anywhere near their normal standard then there is not much chance of that. Presumably, Mr Robson will find his life about to become a little more uncomfortable.

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