Songkran Grachangnetara’s Article

Although the letters page of the Bangkok Post has truly descended into a rogues’ gallery of climate deniers, junta/PAD apologists, conspiracy theorists and Burin Kantabutra, the newspaper has at least published one opinion piece worth reading. It is here and was written by Songkran Grachangnetara, who describes himself as an entrepreneur – I have not heard of him before (have I?).

Among the points he makes, the more interesting are that the PM should acknowledge at last that he does not owe his position to any normal processes (to which I would add legitimate or legal processes) and that there is a hunger among the Thai people for the justice and equality that are so elusive under the present, structurally biased system (and overseen by handpicked judges and bureaucrats).

The article is also quite amusing and, while it is scarcely revolutionary, it just goes to show how few and far between are any examples of honesty in the Thai media (admittedly I only stay aware of the English language organs).

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