Singapore 1 Thailand 3

Congratulations to Bryan “Robbo” Robson for winning his first competitive match – 3-1 away in Singapore, which is a good result. The Thais played the red-shirted Lions off the park for most of the game and went into a 3-0 lead. However, a lack of concentration in the final minutes of the match allowed a consolation goal to be scored. In fact, that is not a bad outcome for Robson because he can put the points safely in his pocket and then use it as a legitimate means of asking for improvement from the players. There have been occasions in the past when some of those players have been guilty of thinking that they are a little bit better than they really are.

Pre-match events included a desperate attempt by PM Abhisit, who was in Singapore on tax payers’ money and supposed to be attending the APEC events, to ingratiate himself with the football players. There is not much football played at the extremely expensive and reclusive educational institutions which Mr Abhisit attended during his long, leisurely childhood.

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