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There seems to be something fishy about reports that the government’s support has suddenly tripled in a new poll released by ABAC.* In the Nation’s report, the dates of polling were not even mentioned, suggesting that this is some kind of spontaneous outpouring of support for the government in standing up to the Cambodians: in fact, the Bangkok Post has king place between Oct 25-November 5th (largely before this issue took off, of course):

“A similar poll in  September found the Abhisit Vejjajiva government  had only 23.3 per cent popular support; the latest poll showed support had almost tripled to 68.6 per cent.

By region, support for the government was 88.2 per cent in the South, 68.9 per cent in the Central, 68.8 per cent in Bangkok, 64.6 per cent in the North, and 53.1 per cent in the Northeast.

Abac Pol director Noppadol Kannikar said the increase in support for the government was obviously a reaction to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun’s attack on the Thai judicial system and the appointment of Thaksin Shinawatra as his adviser.

He said the poll results showed the majority of Thai people still had confidence in the judicial system and that the latest political conflict between Thailand and Cambodia had brought people together in support for the government.”

Director Noppadol seems to be drawing some very dubious conclusions from this result (if it is accurate – only 23% supported Abhisit in September? Really?) Unless there were questions asked as to why people have changed their opinion, Khun Noppadol’s assertions are worthless.  

On the other hand, war is always popular among a certain set of people.

* There are grounds to be suspicious about all poll results from ABAC, frankly.

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