Death of Asia’s Leading Elvis Impersonator; Unwanted Faktongs; Rogue Monk Defrocks Self

Asia’s top Elvis impersonator, Elvis Ballard, has died from cancer, leaving behind a wife and 11 year old child. So many people came out to pay their respects at the memorial service that South Pattaya suffered the worst traffic jams for years.

OK, 42 words so far and I haven’t said anything illegal or controversial.

Tragic news from the Lua Hill Tribe people from around Chiang Mai, who are now unable to sell their pumpkins owing to their rising prices. As much as 10,000 tons of pumpkins are being wasted on a daily basis, on account of the lack of cold storage for the now sadly abandoned faktongs, which were once a staple for the khanom trade. The government is being petitioned for some kind of help.

127 words and no mention of anything dangerous. Anybody eating anything unusual?

No – but here’s something: Rogue Monk Defrocks Self. This is a story that has been taking place in Nong Khai – all was apparently well between Lampang and husband Wichai Khambai until the latter went to work in Bangkok. On his return, he was informed (it does not say ‘with glee’ but we can imagine) that his wife had rarely returned home during his absence but had spent most of her time in the room of ‘naughty abbot’ Phra Wanchai Mahapanyo. Khun Wichai did not at first believe this but a confrontation led to a physical conflict and things took off from there. The killer line is this: “As often happens in small Thai villages, news of the incident spread quickly.” The second killer line is this: “At a meeting of villagers and local religious authorities to discuss allegations of sexual impropriety against him, he showed his contempt by lifting up his robe and giving the assembled a good look at the organ that had got him in trouble in the first place.”

Saved once again by human frailty.

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