Abhisit’s Money Politics

Abhisit’s money politics are now in full spate: we are seeing the most recent outbreak of squabbling over which faction gets to control which budget purely on the basis of what benefit each can get from it:

“The source quoted a Bhumjaithai executive as saying: “If he’s not going to resign during the party meeting on May 21 [Thursday], we’ll use a resolution from the meeting of the party’s MPs to force him out.”

The source said Mr Chartchai had performed well as a deputy minister but had failed to contribute to the party’s political activities.

Bhumjaithai will meet tomorrow to discuss Mr Chartchai’s replacement. A strong candidate is Nakhon Phanom MP Supachai Phosu, the source said.

In the wake of reports of a cabinet change under the Bhumjaithai quota, the Puea Pandin Party is demanding another cabinet seat.

Puea Pandin spokesman Alongkot Maneekart said the party held 24 House seats but only received three cabinet portfolios. With 24 MPs the party should get an additional cabinet seat.

It was hardly fair that Bhumjaithai, which has just a few seats more than Puea Pandin, had more cabinet ministers, Mr Alongkot said.”

So, the interests of voters are set aside, the role of ideology is set aside and the interests of good governance are set aside. Will the people of Thailand really stand for this regression after having enjoyed five years of genuine democratic representation?

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