Slave Labor in Thai Seafood Industry

It’s been known and occassionally reported on that laborers are enslaved on fish trawlers in Thailand for a couple of years already. But this is the first time I really read about it in-depth, Patrick Winn has published several articles under the title “Seafood Slavery”.

It’s not just Thailand – even the developed nation of New Zealand with their claims of┬ámuch-lauded environmental efforts to keep waters healthy and fish stocks sustainable has slave labor on fishing tralwers – but that doesn’t make it any better.

It’s mostly Cambodian or Burmese workers who want to work in Thailand. Human smugglers sell them to captains of fish trawlers in Thailand, and once they’re on a trawler, they’re pretty much at the mercy of the caption. Murder is common, working conditions grueling.

There are reports of people working for years without pay – and finally getting killed and thrown over board because the captain can save money that way. It’s the open sea, nobody’s gonna know.

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