Corruption in Thailand before, during and after Thaksin

Critics of Thaksin often blame him for corruption – and even among his supporters, there are very few that seriously believe he wasn’t corrupt. It’s nonetheless interesting to look at corruption ratings from Thailand before, during and after the Thaksin administration.

There’s no doubt Thaksin was corrupt and used his political power to pocket a lot of money. But more interesting is how much his wrongdoings have been publicized, compared with the relative lack of publication and exposure of the corruption that happened after the coup.

One thought on “Corruption in Thailand before, during and after Thaksin”

  1. The year is 2012. I know of someone that pays police and even pays who will sit in court hearings. That judge will be paid to give the penalty that the payee wants. So I wonder how many innocent people are in jail because the rich can pay bribes to get what they want.
    This certain lady has broken my whole family with her lies. Even though we have receipts for everything as well as emails from her saying that she brought these things for a person. Now she says that stuff is stolen. But no one is interested in our evidence. No one will look at our evidence. How do you get fair justice in thailand?? She is thai nationalist, we are not. I will not give up. I will get this lady investigated. She is just an accountant teacher in Bangkok and yet she can afford to travel the world, send her daughter to NZ to study all on a teachers salary paid in baht? She can because she is corrupt just like the police she paid.

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