Tracking down the people who are responsible for the bombs in Bangkok

After the grenade attack on Friday night (around 11:30 pm) at Pratunam near the Rajprasong intersection (nobody got hurt).

According to the DSI the people who plan and finance the attacks are using new methods so that they can’t be tracked down. In particular, they now use couriers who enter the Thailand from other nations who carry money that is used to pay the people who do the bombings. This is done so that cash withdrawals or wire transactions do not reveal clues about who might be financing it. However, it is not clear how they obtained that information.

DSI director-general Tharit Phengdit also claims that the people behind these bomb attacks are the infamous “men in black” who were blamed by the government to be responsible for a lot of the violence during the April/May 2010 protests.

“They have now gone underground after they are no longer accepted as being part of the [red shirts’] political movement,” he said.

However, again, no evidence or explanation has been given how they have reached at that conclusion.

Source: Police investigate grenades in Pratunam

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