Military targeting journalists?

Reuters reports that a foreign journalist was shot during clashes between the protesters and the military. The journalist was reported to be:

“standing between troops and protesters when he was shot. He had been holding a video camera. Blood was seen streaming from his hand when he was carried away by protesters.”

He was carrying a camera and blood was streaming from his hand? I wonder if the military intentionally shot the cameraman in the hand or arm to stop him from filming the conflict.

In a separate article, a France24 journalist was reportedly shot in the leg. This shot also sounds like it was intended to stop the journalist from doing his work. I’m not sure if these two journalists are the same person. One was said to be bleeding from his hand and the other shot in the leg.

This other article indicates that at least three journalists have been injured. It definitely sounds like the military could be targeting journalists which is definitely a violation of human rights since journalists are in no way a threat to anyone.

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