Interview – Mr. Prasang Mongkonsiri – Part 1 or How I almost scooped the New York Times.

Well It was a pretty awesome night for Hawkeye. I managed to get a pretty good interview with Khun Prasang Mongkonsiri, one of the UDD’s Committee Members. Now, I’ve only been blogging for a week and it’s my first time, so please take it easy on me. This is the first interview I have ever done. By the way, if I owned a laptop I could have scooped the New York Times by an hour. My salary ain’t that good, plus and addiction to baseball and softball drains my finances a bit. Also, I do not claim to be objective but I don’t lie, so here it goes.

Please note that Mr.Prasang Mongkonsiri was in a four and a half hour marathon meeting and had 45 minutes to talk before he went back into the second half of the meeting. He was full of energy and talked in a rapid fire manner. I have not quoted him verbatim but paraphrased our interview. He watched while I wrote every word and agreed with my understanding of his answers. I have tried to be as accurate as possible. There is one verbatim quote. I don’t know how to write short hand.

Hawkeye: “Will the UDD be leaving on Monday May 10th, 2010?

Mr. Prasang Mongkonsiri: ‘We are in negotiations, two days is not enough time. Last nights killing of two police officers and the bombing has influenced our decisions. The appearance of the PAD and Yellow Shirts has also influenced our decisions. We do not know what the relationship between the PAD and Government is.’

Hawkeye: “If Abhisit cancels the agreed upon election date will the UDD return to Bangkok in force?”

Mr. Prasang Mongkonsiri: “I believe that if Abhisit cancels the elections we will call for another rally in Bangkok.”

Hawkeye: “How will violence be avoided?”

Mr. Prasang Mongkonsiri: ‘That is the problem. We are in talks about how to control the violence because of last night’s shootings and bombing. Some UDD Committee Members have received information about the army and PAD. We have 300 plain clothes police volunteering to come and protect us. They will not be armed. They called Veera (UDD Committee Member) and told him that a high ranking police officer believes the military is responsible for the recent shooting of two police officers. They happened to not be wearing bullet proof vests because of budget restrictions.’

Hawkeye: “Is the subject of the 2007 Constitution a sticking point?

Mr. Prasang Monkonsiri: ‘We have not talked about it, yet. We are talking about the elections. Talking about the elections and talking about the who is responsible for the April 10th violence. Many relatives of the victims have already gone to the police stations and asked for investigations, twenty-five days have past and the police do nothing! If the commanding officer does not want to do anything with the cases, he will give a verbal order but no official paper order will be issued.’

I’m absolutely knackered. I was at the rally last night with my wife and we left at about 2:30am. I finally caught some shut eye at 4:00am and had to be at work at 8:00am. Woke at 7:00am. If you do the math it was a long day. I left the rally at 11:30pm tonight. The wife was worried so I left early. Part 2 will be coming tomorrow. It will be a continuation of the violence issue and the lack of investigations by the police. It will also cover the “terrorist charges leveled at many of the UDD’s Committee Members and the dreaded DSI.  Might be a part 3 if I can get some corrections on my notes form Mr. Prasang Mongkonsiri.  The speakers were blaring and tons of people were milling about in their own deep conversations.

On a lighter note, I had a truly entertaining conversation with Sean Boonpracong (UDD’s International Spokesman). I didn’t take any notes because it was a very informal conversation highlighted by sardonic quips and ironic banter meant to feel each other out. There was a sublime moment in the conversation. I told him that I blog for under the name Hawkeye. He replied “I guess I’ll be BJ.” It was one of the best moments of the night.

Content trumps grammar.


Mr. Prasang after a marathon meeting.

2 thoughts on “Interview – Mr. Prasang Mongkonsiri – Part 1 or How I almost scooped the New York Times.”

  1. Abhisit has no intention at all of honouring the dissolution/election timetable; his backers at the Palace have no intention whatever of relinquishing their hold on power so we must all spend our time thinking not about elections, but tactices, because the ‘road-map’ is a tactic not a strategy for Abhisit. Turkeys do not vote for an early Xmas.

    The way it will go is this:

    Abhisit will declare a dissolution date – he will do so in such a way as to suggest a reluctance, which in its turn will suggest a commitment under dures, but a commitment none-the-less. Smoke and mirrors.

    In the intervening time Abhisit and his backers at the Palace will do three things:

    1. They will search for a number of reasons not to dissolve the Parliament, the list of reasons he could use has already been provided in the form of his list of preconditions to a dissolution, so this is where it will come from.

    2. They will reinforce his position in several major respects, not least among which is getting the new Army chief in post, he will be decidedly more hawkish than Anupong, and is guaranteed to do the bidding of Abhisit and the Palace in declaring war on the Thai people.

    3. They will pick off the leaders of the UDD one by one by stealth such that when he refuses to dissolve the Parliament, the UDD will be in no position to rally effectively again. The foundations for this process have already been laid.

    I don’t see any alternative to this strategy by Abhisit and the Palace, to think otherwise is to simply be gullible.

    The stakes have been pumped up far too high. Abhisit making this into a plot to overthrow the Monarchy will only have planted in the Thai mind that the Monarchy is not so universally revered, and is actually vulnerable. Further, that many Thais are prepared to contemplate a Thai state without a monarchy. This was a very serious blunder but the genie is out of the bottle now.

    The bunker mentality of Abhisit and the Palace on its own will guarantee that this is very far from being over, and the mendacity, double-speak and deception that Abhisit has practiced in domestic and foreign affairs since he rose to power through the chicanery of the Palace and the paid defection of Newin the betrayer guarantee that he should certainly not be trusted in this ‘road-map’ illusion.

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