Aljazeera: Thai media trying to twist story

A blog on the Aljazeera website accuses the media of trying to twist the story behind Aljazeera’s video footage of a man in a red bandanna brandishing a gun on April 28. Thai media has been trying to lead viewers to believe that this man in the video may have something to do with the soldier who died that day. It’s been 6 days and the government has yet to conclude the investigation into the death of this soldier.

“Despite the best efforts of various organisations who are trying to twist the story, we did not in any way suggest that the man we filmed with the gun had anything to do with the death of the soldier. We filmed him about an hour before we saw the body of the soldier being carried out.”

Aljazeera mentions their suspicion about a possible staging of this incident when these men intentionally went pass the news crew. It’s interesting that this man with the gun decided to wear a red bandanna even though the red shirts were instructed to drop their colors in order to confuse the security forces. It’s also questionable that this man in the red bandanna just happens to be accompanied by some men in black which fit the government’s descriptions of theĀ  terrorists spotted during the April 10th crackdown.

“He was right in front of us and the three people in our team all saw it with our own eyes. We only saw one man carrying a gun. But he was slinking around the place with several other men. One of whom was dressed completely in black, which immediately raised my suspicion after so many mysterious men in black were spotted during the April 10 violence.”

The blog also criticizes Thai security forces for using average citizens to create a traffic jam to block the protesters. When the security forces started shooting at the red shirts, these citizens were also in the line of fire.

The police and soldiers had more than enough warning that the red shirts were coming down the highway. They were travelling en masse and were easily identifiable. They should have diverted all the other traffic.

Instead, innocent people were sandwiched between the riot police and the red shirts. Many remained in their cars, expecting to be let through the road block eventually. But when the security forces started firing their guns, people were trapped, lying down in their vehicles, trying to avoid being shot while others ran to the relative safety of the side of the road.

This should never have been allowed to happen. They could easily have cleared those people out before the reds arrived.”

3 thoughts on “Aljazeera: Thai media trying to twist story”

  1. Hello PL,
    The Thai military and police might be the most unprofessional fighting and law enforcement apparatus in the world. The decades of absolute corruption have led to untrained soldiers and payed promotion officers, who have zero experience in real situations. These guys would have a hard time beating a third grader at “Risk”.

  2. Welcome aboard Hawkeye. There are definitely flaws in the Thai political, security, and economic system. Bribery, nepotism, cronyism, and patronage is still very common in the Thai social system. These flaws lead to a fundamental weakness in all aspects of the system. The NACC (National Anti Corruption Commission) and the DSI (Department of Special Investigation) was set up to tackle this problem but instead has become an accomplice to it.

  3. I wouldn’t be so hard on the armed forces hawkeye. When it comes to harming defenseless civilians the Thai military are past masters, whether it is towing Rohingyas out to certain death, driving Cambodian refugees through minefields, stacking teenages in trucks like cordwood until they suffocate, or shooting students, the list goes on and is quite impressive. On the other hand, a book on Thai battlefield triumphs could fit inside a matchbook.

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