PAD Thugs Close Suvarnabhumi Airport: Country in Crisis (This Time, It Really Is)

Suvarnabhumi Airport is closed– PAD thugs have been occupying the airport overnight and there is chaos around the many places where people have been trying to get home or go on their holidays. Shots have been fired at the airport and there have been explosions in many parts of Bangkok.

I have said enough about the despicable PAD thugs and their various behind-the-scenes supporters.

This year already, tourism has already suffered considerably: foreign arrivals were already projected to be down 30-50% – and that was before embassies started advising people not to travel here at all (well, they cannot come to Bangkok at all, my wife’s colleague is currently waiting at the gate at Changi Airport with no information and complaining. There are many others, of course). Hotel occupancy was already down 40% (up to 80% in Pattaya, according to one report). As one (unnamed) ‘tourism expert’ observed: ““Do you know when the country’s image is destroyed, it’s very difficult to revive it in a short period? What does Thai hospitality look like now, when there are clashes and violence inside the country?”

As the continuing financial crisis starts to cause real job losses, this is the last thing the country needs.

I will post more later after certain events which are due to take place either have or have not occurred.

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JW has been one of the first contributors to this blog before he gave up on it all in April 2010, during a time when Thai society got more and more polarized about political matters because of red-shirt protesters.

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