(P)Lucky Thais Defeat Mighty Communist Machine

It was a close-run thing, apparently but Thailand sneaked an injury time goal for a 1-0 win over 10-man North Korea yesterday. I did not see it myself – alas I get to watch almost nothing despite … OK, too much personal information.

It was in no way simian cephalodian Peter Reid’s first match as manager and he struck a sensible tone: we were lucky, in essence and a lot of things are going to have to change via severe shouting at on the practice pitch. Khun Peter is famous in his native UK for his industrial strength language and a fairly robust playing style with a big lad up top (which is not going to work here, of course). He is most famous, perhaps (Everton fans will differ) in his playing days for forming a new midfield with Steve Hodge in the 1986 World Cup after Bryan Robson was declared dead and Ray ‘Butch’ Wilkins sent off in the morocco fiasco. He it was who covered every inch of the baking ground to enable Gary Lineker to score a hat trick against the sledded Poles and two more against the epithet-free Paraguayans before being cheated out by the Maradona experience – he is now due to become manager/coach of Argentina – let’s be honest, it’s not going to work.

Anyway, earlier today, there were repots that an agreement had been struck with the English FA which meant the England team would come and play a friendly here at some stage. This has subsequently been denied and who knows what the truth is (although I can guess). It would certainly be a big story if the Engerlunders were to come here, including Stevie Me, JT, Wazza and all (dread to think what Wayne Rooney would make of Khun Chuwit’s previous establishments on the Phahonyothin road opposite the hotel where the Liverpool team stayed when they visited). Even if they did, it would probably end up a typical England on tour performance of dire fatigue and indifference. We shall, as ever, see. If we are spared from the looming street violence, that is.

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