Football Season Kicks Off

The football season has kicked off with two games played this weekend: Samut Songkhram beat Thai Port 1-0 and Chonburi beat the Army 3-0.

This version of the league has more of a national feel to it, which is good and indeed important and there should be some excitement given that this is a World Cup year and that tends to add lustre to footy wherever it is being played.

It is presumed that the Muang Thong Impact Centres will be the team to beat again, this season. They try to call themselves the Kirins (it is a kind of mythical flying horse thing) but they will always be the Impac’ers to us. I do recall a few years ago the Bangkok Post ran a short weekly column about the Expats League and one phrase stuck in my mind, about a team based in Pattaya and supported by ‘shrill, slim-hipped pole-huggers’ and so that is why Chonburi have their nickname. The Navy, of course, are the Disappearing Containers of Human Bones and Buriram, sponsored by Newin Chidchob, will start the season as the Chameleons. I do not have any particular ideas for either Samut Songkhram or Pichit but no doubt something will occur.

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