Bangkok Airport: Number of International Passengers 2010

The Bangkok airport handled 31.41 million international passengers in the year 2010.

Phuket is one of the fastest growing airports (in terms of number of passengers) of 2010 globally.

More info & international comparison here (PDF-download).

Thailand Tourism Authority Budget Allocation 2011

The TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) has changed their tourism growth forecasts – they say 8% is no longer an attainable number. Below their 2011 budget allocation.

Total 2011 budget of TAT: 5.24 billion baht (+15% compared to 2010 budget)

Money TAT allocates to promote local tourism: 1.37 billion baht (62% will be spend on activities and projects [230 million for trans-regional tourism, 229 million promoting local uniqueness, 80 million on tourist awareness, 40 million on learning during trips], the remaining 38% will fund administration and operations)

Money TAT allocates to promote international tourism: 2.92 billion baht (of that, 550 million baht for building the country’s image, 500 million for expanding tourist base and 330 million for campaigns targeting “quality tourists” and 531 to increase competitiveness on international stage – the rest will go to overseas offices of TAT).

Money TAT allocates for other marketing campaigns 2011: 940 million baht

Source: Bangkok Post, 8% growth is history, says TAT

Praying For The King

Around 9000 Thais visit Bangkok Hospital to pray for HM the King’s health each day.

Source: Reuters

Energy Drinks in Thailand

Thailand is the country with the highest per capita consumption of energy drinks (about four times as high as the USA).

Thailand energy drink market: $500 million

more than 65% of that belongs to Osotspa, the Bangkok-based firm that produces M-150.

Red Bull is nearly 50 years old in Thailand, but has been introduced to the USA in 1997.

The founder of Red Bull is Thailand’s second richest man. (Or third, depending upon how you count).

Source: Thailand: Energy drink nation by @BKKApologist

Higher Education in Thailand

Total enrollments in higher education of college-aged population:

  • early 1990s: 19%
  • 2007: 50%

Numbers of colleges and universities in Thailand

  • 1967: 5
  • 2008: 166

Number of enrollments at Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok: 300,000 students (tuition cost per term: around $30).

Suicide Rates in Thailand – International Comparison

3,634 Thais committed suicide last year. 5.7:100,000 population ratio, compared with world average ratio of 16: 100,000.